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Cannabis Oil Cancer Can Help in Fighting Cancer

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One of the dreaded diseases that are affecting millions of people of developed as well as under-developed countries is cancer. The disease is spreading all over the world like a raging river.

Cancer treatment program is very costly. Some people may not even afford to avail these treatments like chemotherapy. Hence, people who can’t afford to pay for chemotherapy sessions often considers alternative treatment programs like cannabis oil cancer. Moreover, many oncologists are also recommending patients to make cannabis oil as a part of their treatment in order to fight the deadly disease by stopping its spreading and further growth within the body.


Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is procured from the Cannabis Sativa plant that is known for its medicinal properties for many years. The oil is obtained through the process of solvent extraction.

Cannabis oil cancer contains important cannabinoid like THC or CBD in them. It usually contains a high amount of CBD and low amount of THC in them. The most powerful cannabinoid is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. The cannabinoids present in the oil are responsible for activating the receptor cells. In fact, the cannabidolic acid is responsible for hindering the movement of cancer cells. CBD is responsible for having an anti-proliferative effect on the cells. It switches off the DNA that causes the cancer cells to permeate.

cannabis oil cancer

Can Cannabis oil Cure Cancer?

Even though there has been a huge debate on whether cannabis oil can be the effective cure of cancer. Still, a lot of things are needed to be proved. There are many studies which have suggested that cannabis oil is able to shrink cancer cells. In fact, numerous studies also claimed when cannabis oil cancer is combined with traditional therapies, can effectively fight cancer by inhibiting its growth. In fact, some quality researches have shown that cannabis oil can treat lung, brain, liver, prostate, and blood cancer effectively.

How Cannabis Oil Treats Cancer?

The cannabinoids that are present within the oil works directly on the endocannabinoid system of the body. ECS is responsible for sending information to the immune system and to the CNS. You will get to find two types of cannabinoid receptor sites CB1 and CB2. Cannabinoid THC activates the receptor sites of the cancer cells. This leads to an increased synthesis of ceramide level within the body. This leads to the apoptosis of cancer cells.

Doesn’t it seem cool? You will say yes. But the process is not simple as it seems to be. What basically happens is a slight shift of the mitochondria. This causes the death of the cancer cells. It is a known fact that the mitochondria are responsible for producing energy for the cells.  The cannabinoids of cannabis oil cancer cause the accumulation of ceramide. Thereby, causes a stress and pushes out cytochrome C from the mitochondria.

As a result, protein p53 is produced and it affects the calcium metabolism within the mitochondria. It even affects the cellular lysosme by disrupting the digestive system of cancer cells. Thereby, it cuts down all survival pathways of the cancer cells.

Cannabis oil cancer can be regarded as an herbal and cost-effective remedy for any types of cancer. It can be a great cure for the deadly disease.