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10 Smart Ways to Earn or Build Backlinks to Your Website

If you run a business, you must be well aware of the fact that ‘backlinks’ are very crucial for a business and also for a site. Not only backlinks form the crucial ranking factor for most search engines, but they are also responsible for getting more organic traffic for a site. Businesses and SEO service experts must be well aware of the fact that traffic to a site is directly related to the quality of backlinks. Hence, care should be taken to check the backlinks to your site come from trustworthy websites.

Link Building: An Important Strategy

Every business wants to keep an eye on their Google rankings. When a website is crawled, Google tries to look out for backlinks that are present in the site.

In the world of SEO, link building is considered to be an important strategy. It can help to gain high amount of organic traffic for a site. Although getting quality backlinks is very hard, but SEO service professionals have paved out smart ways through it can be earned. Take a look at following ten ways.

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Broken Link Building Method

It is the perfect way to get one-way backlinks. When one reports webmasters about broken backlinks chances of getting backlinks for a site increases.

Spying on Competitors

Taking a look into the marketing strategies of a competitor site can easily help a business to learn their link building strategies. Knowing their strategies can help to get quality backlinks.

Backlinks through Infographic

SEO service expert states that infographics can be a good way to get quality backlinks. People love infograohics as they are easy to understand so people spend more time on it. If people find something informative they will obviously visit your site.

Guest Articles

One effective way to get quality back link is through guest blogging. It can help to reach new clients. When a blog is posted in authoritative websites, it would be viewed by many people. This helps to get quality backlinks.

Content Promotion

Only quality content is not accountable for getting backlinks. It needs to be promoted well. Approaching webmasters and tell them about your business. If they find it useful they would link it with your site.


Only spending few minutes of time to write testimonials for a site can help to gain quality backlinks.

Building Internal Links

Internal linking can help a site to improve user experience and also help a site to get quality backlinks.

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Contacting Bloggers

SEO service expert’s believes that by letting bloggers know about a business is important. Surely half of them would get back to you.


Although not popular but it can be a great way to gain backlinks. Once you become expert in your niche, you can give interview and let other know about your business.


One quick and easy way to get quality backlink is by donating to NOP. Finding a site that deals with your niche business and who accepts donations. It can help to link back to your site.

SEO service feels that these are some smart techniques through which a business can earn quality backlinks for their site. With quality backlinks a business can easily prosper. Catch the hottest SEO trends in 2018 here!


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